Caribbean Research connecting trans and gender diverse vulnerabilities and Climate Change.

Climate justice and environmental work, led by trans organizations – who are already under resourced,
under capacity and challenged to get any of their needs met – are rare.
This is a bold, but much needed step from UCTRANS and we will need to mobilize for support and to
create an awareness among trans individuals and organizations to garner understanding for UCTRANS’
leadership to embark on this work. As Caribbeans we all see and experience collectively the effects of
climate change, we are building knowledge, making links and creating trust in our membership that
this is indeed important enough to take on amidst so many other competing priorities. We are confident
that our planned baseline research will positively influence the trans community.
UCTRANS has embarked on a first of its kind research project in the Caribbean, linking Climate Change to
Gender Identity recognition. To this end, UCTRANS has begun to train its leadership and
organization members.
We have started capacity building in relation to the topic “Linking Climate Change to
Gender Identity Recognition”

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