Supporting trans people living with HIV in theCaribbean -United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS)

We are pleased to provide support for a project to address the needs of transgender people living with HIV in the Caribbean in the context of COVID-19.

Connecting the UCTRANS Strategic Plan’s Priority issues and the Global
AIDS Strategy
The new Global AIDS Strategy “Maximize equitable and equal access to HIV services and
solutions” and “Break down barriers to achieving HIV outcomes” are the two focus areas
that most closely associate with the UCTRANS Priority Issues. UCTRANS as a Network, and therefore
throughout its membership in the Caribbean’s most significant focus is on Legal Gender
Recognition. Without full, inclusive legal gender recognition trans people are denied access to
basically everything.
With reflection on how UCTRANS can continue to best support trans communities in countries with
member organizations we decided to continue similar support efforts to reach out continuously to
4 countries, where through our contacts and networks we realize our community suffer the most
under the impact of COVID-19 in general, economically, in health and within their socioeconomic
situations. We decided to utilize this emergency funds to remain in support of Belize, Bahamas,
Guyana, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago.
UCTRANS will disseminate funds to member organizations who will in return utilize it to support their
community members at their discretion. We acknowledge that each member organization in the
different countries are faced by various and diverse challenges. As a Network we do not want to
be restrictive in the way each organization should use the funds. The previous round of support
worked well, and the organizations appreciated the flexibility.
We will give suggested guidelines, similar to the previous round of support and in return the
organizations will report back, indicating how they decided to best apply the money.

Our suggested criteria is that community members receiving support identify on the trans and
gender diverse spectrum. Priority should be given to the community members most impacted.
Our suggested guideline for funds allocation:
 Emergency Housing, such as entrance fee at shelters or other economic accommodation
 Food support
 PPE, sanitize products, masks and other health-hygiene supplies
 Transport money to pick up, or have delivered medicines, ARVs and COVID-19 tests,
medication and related medical support
 Data, phone and call cards/ vouchers – for community members to stay in contact, and
especially if they are in need of food or medication, to communicate that
 Trauma, depression and or anxiety counselling
 Support for community members in the position to seek employment

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