Consultant to develop a Communication Plan for UCTRANS

Short-Term Consultancy Opportunity
Consultant to develop a Communication Plan for UCTRANS

The United Caribbean Trans Network The United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS) was established in February 2018. Over the past two years, the network has been collaborating with Trans organizations all across the Caribbean. UCTRANS’ mission is to build the capacity of transgender organizations and those working with Trans people regionally, while providing regionally while providing technical support in order to advance human rights, promotion of sexual and reproductive health, rights and well-being. Context Issues affecting the Transgender Community in the Caribbean The rights of Transgender persons are protected by a range of international agreements 1 . Countries that are signatories to these binding treaties are required under international law to respect the treaty provisions, including those relevant to the human rights of LGBT. However, punitive national laws and policies, as well as the failure of states to adopt or adhere to the provisions of many international conventions, adversely impact transgender people and fail to recognize their human rights. Whereas Transgender persons are entitled to the protection of their dignity, and national Constitutions and international instruments should apply to them equally, in most countries in the Caribbean, there is no legal recognition of transgender people’s affirmed gender identity. Access to education, health, employment, privacy, personal liberty, human dignity and personal security are seriously compromised across the board. Institutions such as schools, the workplace, governments and healthcare facilities are often the perpetrators. Instead of providing services in a non-discriminatory manner, transgender people are often subject to ill-treatment, disrespect, abuse, violence and the denial of their human dignity. For many transgender persons, having a gender identity that is not reflected in their official documents often leads to exposure to much humiliation and violence. It also effectively denies them their legal rights and citizenship. Importantly, without official documents that recognize their gender identity, transgender people are often denied access to basic rights, including the right to health, education, justice, and social welfare. This problem is highlighted when transgender persons are required to explain intimate details of their lives and identity to strangers in order to access routine services, such as banking transactions, or denied access to employment, because they lack the proper identification. This often results in exclusion from social and civic participation; harassment and stigmatization; limited access to protection, justice and redress; and inadequate provision of health care services. Transgender people are also more susceptible to violence, including physical and sexual violence.
1 The Yogyakarta Principles on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, March 2007.
CVCs mandate is to work with community organizations, coalitions and social movements to develop model programme interventions for vulnerabilised groups that highlight civil society contributions to the HIV and AIDS response and can be scaled up by national programmes. Typically, in the Caribbean data has been hardto collect from marginalized populations as stigma and discrimination often push these groups underground and make it hard for researchers to collect reliable data. The result has been substantial gaps in knowledge and understanding of marginalized groups .In the Caribbean, population size estimates for the Trans community are largely absent. Similarly, data on incidences of gender-based violence prevalence among transgender persons is limited. Where information is available, it indicates significantly higher rates of HIV prevalence. Transgender women are particularly affected by HIV with estimates showing HIV prevalence for transgender women in the region range from 8%to 31% 2 .Despite these glaring statistics, Caribbean states have chosen to focus almost exclusively on targeting the wider population and have developed generalized responses, rather than tailored programming, which would meet the needs of populations such as Trans persons. Purpose of the consultancy The purpose of this consultancy is to facilitate institutional strengthening of UCTRANS through the development of a communication plan aligned to its Strategic plan .Scope of WorkUCTRANS is seeking the service of a consultant a with extensive knowledge in communication to develop a communication plan. Experience working with key populations would be an asset.
Responsibilities include: Desk review of UCTRANS’ Strategic plan and other relevant documents. Develop a communications plan for UCTRANS to enhance the awareness, understanding, and knowledge of key stakeholders in the government, private sector, civil society and general public about UCTRANS’ strategic objectives and programmes. Conceptualize and outline communication assets with appropriate and relevant messages tailored or key stakeholders using various formats as appropriate such as text, graphics, imageries, infographics, video, printed materials, etc. Specify appropriate communication channels, dissemination methods and media such as video, print, web/online media, traditional media, and social media, among others, to effectively communicate key messages to specific stakeholders. Develop a suggested implementation plan/schedule for effective dissemination of communication assets.
2 (UNAIDS, 2017)
 Present deliverables to UCTRANS team for review and feedback. Make revisions based on feedback. 
Deliverables1. Final Communication plan for UCTRANS2. Outline of communication assets3. Implementation plan/schedule


The Consultant(s) should possess: University degree in Communication or related field; 3-5 years’ experience in a relevant or similar role preferably in an NGO environment with experience in HIV & human rights; Experience and or awareness in working with the Transgender community An excellent command of oral and written English; Strong interpersonal skills including flexibility and initiative, team-work essential; Willingness to work with Key Populations. Satisfactory prior experience working with UCTRANS and or our partners Duration of Contract The Consultant will be contracted for a period of four weeks during the month of August. Reporting Relationship The Consultant will report directly to the Executive Director at UCTRANS. How to Apply Interested individuals should submit the following documents:1. Curriculum vitae outlining relevant experience2. A detailed plan outlining proposed activities, outcomes and cost3. A sample of related work4. Financial proposal to include a daily rate for services Deadline for submission is Friday July 26, 2021. Please send applications to the following
Please include in the subject line of your email the title of the consultancy you are applying for –“Communication Plan Consultant”

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