Building UCTRANS for sustainability

We look forward to teaching  our trans-led organization in the Caribbean.  As a part of our commitment in building our trans community leadership , and building UCTRANS members capacity, we will be implementing our 2021 project “Building UCTRANS for sustainability.” We will be hosting over the next four months a series of training sessions with our members in Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. We aim to train our members on technical proposal writing, governance , bookkeeping, record keeping,  how to secure funding for your organizations, as well as strengthening internal controls to improve the accountability of their organization’s finances  

The project seeks to achieve the following outputs:

  1. Improved legal and policy environments support delivery of and access to health and justice services for
    trans and gender diverse citizens.
  2. Increased capacity of health care workers to deliver stigma and discrimination free services in order to
    improve access to and retention in care for trans and gender diverse citizens.
  3. Strengthening of Community systems and trans networks to use effective advocacy strategies
    to obtain social accountability mechanisms and scale-up of best practice interventions by national
  4. .

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