Empowering and Impacting the Trans Movement in the Caribbean

Across the Caribbean, there are significant barriers to accessing health, education, employment and social support services for trans and gender non-conforming persons. The needs of this community are not being met, and UCTRANS have identified the following priorities: gender identity legislation, safety, resource mobilization and strengthening of trans organizing.

UCTRANS will aim to advance the rights of trans people in the Caribbean by strengthening trans movements at the regional level and specifically through institutional support of the UCTRANS secretariat in the Bahamas and further regional strengthening as a result.

The specific objectives are:

1) Better, more comprehensive research on entry points for legal gender identity recognition of trans and gender non-conforming people, targeting the national contexts of UCTRANS member organizations.

 2) To advocate for trans affirming protection and advocate for the adoption and implementation of trans-affirming legal protections and policies that promote full inclusion and equal opportunity, by building capacity of trans leaders, supporting organizing and resource mobilization and peer-learning.

 3) Continue to develop UCTRANS’ organizational structure and impact to advance trans rights in the region. UCTRANS role is to strengthen Caribbean Trans Networks and our first regional trans network in the Caribbean, UCTRANS, and its member organizations.

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