Mental health and wellness workshop

Mental health challenges are common. In fact, one in five people will experience a mental illness like depression or anxiety. But unfortunately in the transgender community, that number is even higher at nearly two in one. We will be exploring ways to better take care of ourselves so we can help our community.

In the Caribbean when a person decides to transition, it’s obvious. And unfortunately, not everyone is understanding.

The individual may be bullied and not accepted by their loved ones as they transition, and after. And they may face medical insurance issues, too. The anticipation of these barriers might even cause someone to believe that they have no realistic path to transition.

There is a high level of emotional pain that can come with transitioning. And there is a high level of emotional pain that can come with continuing to live with gender dysphoria. This pain (just like the pain that comes from living with any chronic disease) is what can lead to depression and anxiety. And it is these mental illnesses that can make a person feel like they have no way out and have thoughts of ending their life.

Navigating in the Caribbean as a trans person can be traumatizing for many. This workshop is designed to help our UCTRANS Leaders to better understand their mental health. The workshop will be held Oct 30th,2020.

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